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e-mail address is RWG1999JW** (delete the ** in this email listed, which has been added to prevent robot emails)

Decorative Leaf garden art schedule: 

Schedule: limited time to do this class for 2018, as the heat and drought
                     is taking a toll on the real leaves we use. Probably only
                      2 weeks left as of today 22 July2018.
           You learn several garden art decorative leaf techniques, some can be used as water features, water bowls
                decorative leaves for your garden/patio or as stepping stones. We use real Rhubarb, Hosta 
                 or Astilboides and more.  You  decide which style you want to make

  Cost $60. which includes material, for you to make two large leaves
  Additionally you are required to bring your own  qty 2  24"x24" sturdy plywood required to transport
  projects home.  Alternatively you can purchase this from us for $5. which is refundable when returned
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Glass on glass, stained glass  art workshops 
9:30am - to 4-5 pm (self paced)  one day classes
Using either an old wooden window frame or picture frame with glass securely attached.  You can also do mosaic on other materials, such as plywood for signs. (call to get more details.) We teach you what  equipment, tools to use and how to use them. Safety aspects. How to cut, shape stained glass. Provide various design suggestions. Then set you free to work on your own design. Also show various adhesive pros/cons and how to apply and curing.  (3 students minimum, 5 people max per class).  
  Costs $40. workshop fee plus materials based on size you select. (e-mail for more info.)
           material cost example:  window frames start at $20., stained glass $11-$13 per square foot of 
           glass area, glue approx $5-6. Those who have taken our class and request additional bookings 
          pay half the workshop fee. Note: Some new specialty fired glass options available prices vary.
            You can bring your own window frame or pick one from our inventory. call us at 613-812-2069 (cell 
          phone). Some suggested project ides click here.

Current  schedule    Friday 3 August    (Full)
                                If there are 2 other folks waning o book a class let me know as
                                   I have another person interested in doing a class.

  if you have a date in mind, let me know and 
                                                I'll post the date and see if I can get minimum 3 students to proceed.
                      Judy Wall   email RWG1999JW**  (remove the ** in this email address which was 
                        added to prevent robot emails) or phone 613-812-2069 (cell)
            Will book both weekday and weekend classes . We accept  up to 5 people per session.
             As classes fill, further dates will be added, right thru to end of March.
             When I switch gears to focus on getting plants ready for the garden center, then start classes
              again late June, once my gardening work slows down and go right thru the summer and Fall.

 One day and you take your window home, if you keep your design easy.       

 Hypertufa container workshop schedule: ( pre-registration is required)

                              Schedule:   If you and 2 friends want to book a class contact me
                                            other wise with this heat I will focus on watering and
                                            tending to my gardens.

Class starts 10 am- till around 2-3pm (depending on questions asked).
email  to reserve your spot.
You make 2 containers during our class, 1 inside a mold, 1 overtop (2 differing methods)
We provide all the material. All you bring is lunch and wear old cloths you don't mind getting dirty.
Cost $60. which includes materials
(plus Optional bring your own 24"x24" sturdy plywood, required to transport  overtop container home, or
you can buy one from us, for $5. return it and get the $5. back call us at 
 Gardens  opened 1 May 2018 for our 19th season

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